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White Bear Machine equipment


White Bear Machine invests heavily in facilities and equipment. In order to better serve our clients, we operate and maintain the most technologically advanced machinery available.

Our Equipment


  • 3-HAAS CNC 3 Axis VMC
  • 2-YCM CNC 3 Axis VMC
  • 1-YCM CNC 3 Axis VMC ( W/Pallet Changer )
  • 2-Mazak CNC Turning Centers ( W/C Axis and Live Tooling )
  • 1-Mazak CNC 2 Axis Turning Centers
  • 2-Deawoo CNC Turning Centers ( W/Bar Feeders )
  • 1-YCM CNC Turning Center
  • 1-Harig Surface Grinder
  • 1-Universal Laser Part Parker


  • 2-Mazak Lasers
  • 5-Amada CNC Press Brakes
  • 2-Premire CNC Press Brakes
  • 2-Guifil CNC Press Brakes
  • 2-Wysong CNC Press Brakes
  • 1-Strippit 30 Ton Punch Press
  • 1-Niagra 30 Ton Punch Press
  • 1-Rouselle 90 Ton Punch Press
  • 1-Euomac Turret Press
  • 1-Benenbender Hyd Shear
  • 1-Pedrazzoli Mandrel Tube Bender
  • 1-Doall Automatic Horz Band Saw
  • 1-Dynamic Portable 6 Axis Robot
  • 1-Continental Automatic Tubing Cut Off Line
  • 2-Denison Multi Prsses
  • 1-Greenard Press
  • 1-Saw King Vertical Band Saw
  • 1-Starite Vertical Band Saw


  • 3-Lewis Sraight and Cut
  • 1-Continental Sraight and Cut
  • 1-Randbrite Centerless Rod Polisher
  • 1-Diacro Rod Cutoff
  • 1-Srtaus Artys Ring Roller
  • 5-Pnewmatic Wire Formers
  • 1-Hydrualic Large Diameter Wire Former
  • 1-Lors Butt Welder
  • 1-CNC Wire Grid Welder
  • 1-Penn Wire Nibbler
  • 2-Diacro Wire Formers


  • 1-Miller 5 Axis Robotic MIG Welding Cell
  • 1-Miller 6 Axis Robotic MIG Welding Cell
  • 4-Miller Manual Welding Stations
  • 2-Miller Miller Rocker Spot Welders
  • 6-Press Type Spot Weling Stations
  • 1-Ergo CNC Welding Manipulator
  • 1-CD Hardware Welder


  • 1-Almco Vibratory Finisher
  • 2-High Speed Belt Grinders
  • 1-Goff Wheelabrator
  • 1-Grindingmaster Straigtliner
  • 1-Woodtech Straightliner
  • 1-Burrbench Vibratory Finisher


  • 1-Numerex CMM ( Probe )
  • 1-ROI CNC CMM ( Vision and Probe )
  • 1-Master View Optical Comparator
  • 1-Image Master Optical Comparator
  • 3- Calibrated Granite Surface Plates
  • 1-Complete Gauging and Measuring Hand Tool System ( Calibrated Annually )

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